Serta My Fit Executive Office Chair with Active Lumbar Support

He gets support when he’s sitting up, and pure relaxation when he’s leaning back! now the only unwanted pressure Jesse gets is at thanksgiving, when his aunt judy asks when he’s going to get married and have kids. What he really wanted was lumbar support that would get out of the way when he wanted to lounge.

Active lumbar support that moves out of the Way when leaning Back. He tried the serta my fit executive office chair with active lumbar support, and the first time he sat down and leaned back, he swears Angels were singing. Seat design decreases Leg fatigue. Tilt lock keeps custom angle for comfort. Jesse’s office chair was really a pain.

Fast 10-minute assembly. Every time he leaned back in it, the lumbar support put way too much pressure on his back.

Serta My Fit Executive Office Chair with Active Lumbar Support

Sarah loves going to work at her busy, super-productive office. Even the boss cracked a smile leaning back into the Serta My Fit with Active Lumbar Support. Now sarah's biggest pain at work is listening to another corny pun from Gary in Accounting. Serta my fit with tailored Reach includes a special lumbar component that adjusts forward to provide lower-back support.

Serta my fit with 360 motion support features a dynamic back panel for lumbar support whether you're bending, leaning, or relaxing back. The only problem is, everyone is achy and cranky from shoulder, hip, and back pain caused by one-size-fits-all desk chairs. The serta my fit collection is designed to fit everyone's unique needs with a range of lumbar supporting features.

Finally, it's easy to find the office chair that's the just the right fit for you. Whether you need the dynamic support of 360 motion, or a place to perch with the Tailored Reach feature, the versatility of Active Lumbar, the Serta My Fit Collection will suit any seating style. Serta my fit with active Lumbar Support offers lumbar support that moves out of the way when leaning back.


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Serta My Fit Executive Office Chair with Active Lumbar Support